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25 july 2023

A lot is happening in the world of internet and social media. I've spent almost one and a half decade on the blue bird app, but those days seem over, thanks due to the hyper-inflated ego of one particular billionaire. Although Twitter was my most used social media platform, I als loved to use Reddit. That was before the hyper-inflated ego of another rich white dude decided to ruin the platform.

So for the last yearh I'm trying to make Twitter and Reddit work for me, but they don't. The vibe is off. On the other hand did I try some other platforms such als Mastodon and Lemmy. Both feel like Twitter and Reddit but aren't it. I don't feel like any social media platform is for me right now, so I decided to build my own weblog. A space where I can put my thoughts and experiences online, kind of a public diary, just like all other social media platforms for that mather. Anyway, this feels like it's the early 00's and I like it lol. I'm planning to use this space to write down observations, cool stuff I discover and to keep track of books I've read and movies I've seen. I'm aware that not a lot of people will visit this website, but that's not the point of it.